The strengths of the Dynamitron® are its ruggedness & reliability together with its adaptability.

Operating conditions, such as electron energy, beam power, conveyor speed and dose, can all be changed quickly for different applications.

The adaptability of the Dynamitron® makes it the perfect solution for both flexible, multi-product processing environments and for specialized applications.

It is powerful and tunable in energy for applications such as crosslinking, and extremely accurate and tunable in current for applications such as silicon wafer processing.

  • The standard Dynamitron models are summarized in this table:
550 kV 70/100/160 mA
800 kV 70/100/160 mA
1000 kV 60/100 mA
1500 kV 40/65mA
3000 kV 50/75 mA
5000 kV 30/50 mA

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