Sterilization of medical devices

E-beam and X-ray sterilization: Sustainable alternatives to radioactive and chemical sterilization

Rhodotron® E-beam sterilization

E-beam sterilization is the most efficient technology for low density medical devices packaged in boxes.
  • From 30.000 to 200.000 m³/y
  • Sterilization in seconds
  • Cost efficient: about 6 times more efficient than gamma sterilization
  • Limited penetration properties suited for low density products or box packaging
Other applications compatible with this configuration: 
Available configurations: 
  • TT100 
    up to 60.000 m³
    of boxes/year
  • TT200 
    up to 135.000 m³
    of boxes/year
  • TT300 
    up to 200.000 m³
    of boxes/year

eXelis® X-ray sterilization

X-rays offer unmatched sterilization quality with reduced overdosing compared with any other radiation technology. High power X-rays are also the ideal alternative to gamma sterilization.
  • From 10.000 to 125.000 m³/y
  • Modular design: start small and increase power when needed
  • Excellent Dose Uniformity typically of 1.3
  • Cost efficient: up to 2 times more efficient than gamma sterilization
  • Highest penetration properties suited for pallet processing
Available configurations: 
  • eXelis® 100 
    up to 10.000 m³
    of pallets/year
  • eXelis® 200
    up to 22.000 m³
    of pallets/year
  • eXelis® 300
    up to 90.000 m³
    of pallets/year
  • eXelis® 1000
    up to 150.000 m³
    of pallets/year

Rhodotron® duo

Benefit from the high efficiency and short payback period of 10 MeV E-beam sterilization with the possibility to offer 7 MeV X-ray sterilization services. Acquisition and operational costs are compressed to a minimum with this concept using one accelerator and one conveyor.
  • Flexible power allocations: star small with X-ray and benefit from E-beam's fast ROI
  • Compressed investment costs: it only takes about 15% more to build a dual technology faciliy
  • Reduced operation cost: One accelerator, One treatment room, One conveyor
  • Excellent Dose Uniformity using X-ray, typically of 1.3
Other applications compatible with this configuration: 
Available configurations: 
  • DUO 100
    up to 40 kW*
  • DUO 200
    up to 100 kW*
  • DUO 300
    up to 245 kW*
  • DUO 1000
    up to 560 kW*

* Power installed on E-beam can be different from X-ray power

Easy-e-Beam® sterilization

For thin products, in-line sterilization processing is a good alternative since capital investments and system footprint are compressed to a minimum.
  • In-line sterilization
  • All-in-one concept for reduced CAPEX
  • Just-in-time processing
Other applications compatible with this configuration: 
Available configurations: 
  • Easy-e-Beam® 
    500 keV
  • Easy-e-Beam® 
    800 keV
  • Easy-e-Beam® 
    1 MeV

Process control

Managing your process

IBA’s process control system manages all equipment involved in the treatment process, including 3rd party equipment.

  • Management of production orders and recipes
  • Integration of 3rd party conveyor
  • Coordination of equipment parameters (beam, conveyor and safety systems)
  • Traceability
  • Generation of treatment reports

Why E-beam and X-ray?