Customer testimonials

Machine availability of 100%

Thanks to IBA’s Technical Support Services we managed to reach a machine availability of 100% allowing us to serve our customers in the shortest way possible.

Gamma Service Produktbestrahlung GmbH
General Manager

IBA improved our internal sterilization activities

The IBA professional Services, during the last 10 years, have allowed us to improve the internal sterilization activities and keep a high level of performance.

EB Tec. Man. – Gambro Dasco Spa

In many years, unanticipated downtime approached 0%

For 45 years RDI and IBA Industrial have supported the Dynamitron®® installation in Gaithersburg, MD. This machine is an important part of our customers supply chain. IBA support has helped us maintain unanticipated downtime well below 2%, in many years it has approached 0%. Gaithersburg has never been disappointed in the response of IBA.

General Manager

Professionalism, reliability, speed

In IONISOS IBÉRICA, we are very pleased to have IBA in charge of the maintenance and technical support of our Rhodotron®. We emphasize, among many other positive aspects, professionalism, reliability, speed and willingness to resolve any problems that may arise in order to secure our production.

Ionisos Iberica
Department of Engineering and maintenance

My best decision ever

Purchasing the first Rhodotron® was a real challenge. It has been my best decision ever.
IBA keeps on upgrading it whenever new developments are available.

Studer Hard
General Manager