Beamline and scan horn

Rhodotron® E-beam accelerator

Power on demand

The Rhodotron® is a unique continuous wave E-beam accelerator combining high-power and high energy. The Rhodotron® can provide one or several beam outputs from 2 to 10 MeV and operate at power levels up to 560 kW. 

Rhodotron product range

TT50 Super Compact 10 MeV

Up to 20Kw, 2mA

TT100 Compact 10 MeV

40kW, 4mA

TT200 Standard 10 MeV

100kW*, 10mA

TT300 High power 10 MeV

245kW*, 35mA

TT1000 High power 7 MeV

560kW*, 80mA

*Other models can be available on request

Other applications compatible with this configuration: 
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Beam delivery options

Tailored configuration adapted to your needs

Every customer has specific requirements in terms of delivering the beam to its products. Many options for shaping and delivering the beam are available allowing to best meet customer specific requirements.

  • Multiple beamlines
  • Beamline bending (typically 90° down)
  • Pseudo parallel beam
  • X-ray target
  • Wide range of scan horn sizes
  • X-Y widening of the scan