Phytosanitary and sanitary cold treatment for food on pallets

eXelis® Food

X-ray is a cold food processing technology that meets the highest requirements of most phytosanitary authorities when treating pallets. Consumers are also receptive to the technology since they regularly face X-ray systems in hospitals or in airports in comparison with radio-isotopes or fumigant-based treatments.

  • 5 or 7 MeV X-rays
  • Food treatment on pallets
  • Excellent dose uniformity (DUR : from 1.5 to 1.9)
  • Very fast treatment
  • Start small and increase power when needed (from 20 to 560 kW)
  • Throughput from 10 to 150 T / h
Other applications compatible with this configuration: 
Available configurations: 
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  • TT
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Process control

Managing your process

IBA’s process control system manages all equipment involved in the treatment process, including 3rd party equipment.

  • Management of production orders and recipes
  • Integration of 3rd party conveyor
  • Coordination of equipment parameters (beam, conveyor and safety systems)
  • Traceability
  • Generation of treatment reports
  • Supplies meet applicable ISO 9001:2015 requirements

Why X-ray for food

X-rays for food serves several purposes including sanitary measures such as prevention of foodborne illness, phytosanitary measures such as insect/pest control (SIT) or shelf life extension.

X-rays for food have many advantages over traditional technologies:

  • X-rays are well known by consumers from hospital and airports
  • X-rays are routinely used for sterilizing medical devices
  • Compared with traditional heat processes, X-ray’s cold treatment reduces impact on vitamin content
  • There is no chemical or radioactive material involved during the process