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Equipement such as high voltage transformers, water cooling tanks, ozone extraction ... are located in this room.


The heart of the E-beam solution is industry's well known Rhodotron®.

The Rhodotron® power will be chose according to the throughput requirements of the sterilization center.


The electron beam is scanned over the product width to ensure irradiation of the whole box while maintaining an adequate speed of the conveyor to ensure the right treatment dose inside the product.


Starting and stopping production, changing and controlling sterilization parameters is performed here.


An automated conveyor guides the boxes through the treatment area.

By pushing and aligning the boxes side by side under the scanning horn, the dose distribution and throughput are optimized. The conveyor can handle differet parameters such as multiple runs under the beam.


This automated rotating device efficiently turns over the boxes on the conveyor so as to ensure that the products are treated on both sides in order to guarantee an optimal dose distribution.


This area is used to store the products before and after sterilization.

Its size is determined by the throughput of the center.

Lowest Sterilization Cost per Unit

E-beam sterilization is known as the most cost effective solution for sterilizing medical devices.

This economical advantage explains the major success encountered by IBA's Rhodotron® over the past years

Electricity as Source of Energy

Relying on electricity as source of energy for your solution means investing into a future proven solution.

Electricity will always be available and the price will stay under control due to competition driving the market.

Very Fast Turn Aroung Time

The IBA Rhodotron® sterilization solution delivers the required sterilization dose in seconds.

As a result, sterilized devices are released in a matter of hours allowing you to build smaller warehouses since transport companies leave with the sterilized products on the same day.

High volume Throughput

With over 20 High Power Rhodotron® installed worldwide, IBA has earned the reputation of superior reliability.

Safe and Reliable

IBA's team of experts will help you and guide you through the critical sterilization choices you will have to make.

Understanding your particular situation and adpting our solution is our expertise.