Call for candidates

Objective of the study:

Demonstrate that Monte Carlo (MC) simulations help first on operational qualification (OQ) then on product qualification (PQ) and therefore support the transition from EO & gamma to E-beam & X-ray.

The study will consist in:

  • Selecting appropriate product(s) for sterilization with 10 MeV electron beam (or possibly 5/7 MV X-rays)
  • Optimizing product packaging, quantity, position and performing MC study with RayXpert®*
  • Performing dose mapping at Aerial or on the manufacturer sterilization site
  • Evaluating the benefits for the different stakeholders
  • Sharing the results with the community via scientific publications, participation to conferences and webinars.

Benefits for the selected candidates:

  • Qualification of the candidate’s product(s) via Monte Carlo and dose mappings.
  • Use of RayXpert®’s license (including appropriate training)
  • Support from TRAD, IBA and Aerial.

Apply here:

IBA and TRAD reserve the right to select the most appropriate candidates.

(*) RayXpert® is a 3D modeling and dose calculation software using Monte Carlo method, dedicated to Nuclear and Medical applications. More info on