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E-beam and X-ray test center

Develop your process and products

IBA proposes to industries and researchers E-beam and X-ray testing services in our facility located in Long Island, NY, USA. The equipment installed allows for the following tests :

E-beam or X-ray irradiation

  • Up to 3 MeV
  • 1.20 m beam scan
  • 70 cm underbeam

Standard tests are available for the following applications:

  • Sterilization E-beam or X-ray dose-mapping on boxes of products (max 70cm high) using a multipass conveyor system
  • Wire & Cable crosslinking: Pay off and take up available
  • Liquid irradiation: several underbeams available

Other customized tests can be discussed on request

Pre-sales and project support

Designing the facility and process meeting your needs


Installing a customized E-beam facility requires an experienced partner to provide guidance in bringing a facility to the production phase.

  • E-beam and X-ray Monte Carlo simulations on product or packaging
  • E-beam and X-ray process design to meet customer process needs
  • Facility and shielding design
  • Accelerator installation services
  • Customer technical training
  • Turnkey project management

After sales technical support

Fast and easy access to expert and spare parts

Our services are designed from the experience we gathered in helping our clients improve business performance through customer satisfaction loyalty.

  • Local technical support teams in 3 continents
  • Remote service for fast resolution or change
  • Fast Rhodotron and Dynamitron spare parts deliveries from hubs located in 3 continents
  • Online spare part ordering through the IBA Store
  • Equipment and technology upgrades for increased performance, productivity and reliability
  • Basic and advanced training sessions
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IBA Technical Helpdesk : Rhodotron®: +32 2 507 20 85
Dynamitron®: +1 631 595 4141