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Practice Makes Perfect

INDux, IBA Industrial User Experience: More than a training center.


User experience center

This center is not only a training center but also a place of collaboration where people with different missions can meet and exchange ideas so everyone’s expertise will grow.


Maximize your talent

Our trainees are welcomed into an environment equipped with both the latest equipment and our legacy systems. This allows us to offer them an optimal and more immersive experience.


Optimize your knowledge

We strive for technical excellence for IBA collaborators and customers through in-depth, practical and theoretical training plans delivered by experienced trainers.

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Share your experience

The success of these courses is based on a mutual exchange of knowledge between trainers and trainees, who each bring their own personal experience from the field.

The main goal of INDux is to ensure that people working on IBA equipment achieve a high level of technical skills. We want to help them to be as empowered as possible so that they can make the right decisions and take the right actions.

Training courses

INDux proposes a series of training courses.

A complete training cycle takes place in 4 weeks, 2 for the Basic Level and 2 for the Advanced Level.

Your opinion is very important to us and we encourage you to share it by answering the survey below. It will help us to build the most appropriate training for you.

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