Why IBA?

IBA Industrial, your irradiation partner

It all started with a dream.

The first of our dreamers was Yves Jongen, IBA’s founder. As director of the Cyclotron Research Center in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, he dreamt to reduce the size and cost of the cyclotron, making it more accessible to all who might need it. Something nobody thought was even possible at the time.

Until 1986, when his dream became a reality. And IBA was born.

Since then, IBA has always aimed to protect, enhance and save lives by pushing further and further the limits of technology and innovation. Because we know that dreams really do come true.

Today, together with you, we go beyond.

We are proud to be part of an inspiring, inspired company. As a world leader in electron-based irradiation solutions for industry, we strive everyday to help dreamers like us to achieve their dreams.

And tomorrow? We keep dreaming.


Till infinity.

Our values

We Care

We care.

Protecting, enhancing and saving lives is the core of our business. Our raison d’être. The well-being of our customers and patients, our employees, our society, our planet and our shareholders is our number one priority.

We Dare

We dare.

Going beyond the limits of imagination requires boldness, audacity, and most of all, genuine passion. We dare to create, to innovate, to search for better and more efficient results in everything we pursue. We dare to dream, and to achieve our dreams. We dare to go beyond.

We Share

We share.

Because we are stronger together, we share our ideas, our expertise, and our solutions with you – and all our shareholders. Unity makes strength. And we believe that total transparency will only allow us to go further, together.

We Re Fair

We’re fair.

Your trust is essential to us. And we intend to remain worthy of it. We are fair to each life and keep the highest ethical standards to fulfill our mission: protect, enhance, save lives. Always. And beyond.

Business as a force for good

IBA’s business model is based on the constant search for balance, between our shareholders, our clients and their patients, our employees, our society and our planet.

B Corp certified

We are proud to have demonstrated our socially and environmentally responsible practices to the prestigious B Corp organization. Through rigorous observation of IBA’s operations, B Corp assessed that we meet some of the highest standards in the fields of health, energy, transparency, welfare, and more.

R&D investor

Because protecting, enhancing and saving lives requires constant research and development, IBA focuses on creating strategic R&D partnerships. We keep pushing further and further the limits of science to provide state-of-the-art technology to our customers and their patients.

Worldwide partner

We believe in the power of unity. And to fulfill our mission, we surround ourselves with the most reliable clinical, scientific and industrial partners and suppliers from around the world. Because we know that sharing knowledge and expertise is the best way towards constant innovation. We go beyond expectations, together.

IBA History

Founding of IBA

Founded by Yves Jongen in 1986, IBA is as a spin-off of the Cyclotron Research Center of the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL), Belgium. Initially active in medical imaging, the company turned its attention to radiotherapy and developed cyclotrons and integrated proton therapy centers which are able to treat numerous forms of cancer with a degree of precision and efficacy never reached before.


IBA expands its activities

In 1992, IBA expands activities into the industrial sector of sterilization and ionization by introducing the Rhodotron®, a new type of particle accelerator producing an electron beam based on a patented concept of the French Atomic Energy Commission.


Employee’s Buy Out

IBA employees got together in 1997 in an employee buyout of the shares of the company. The purpose was to raise their involvement in, and reward their commitment to, the success of the company while also giving themselves the opportunity to drive its future.


IBA enters the Brussels stock market

In June 1998, funds are raised on the Brussels stock market from an initial public offering to enable IBA to accelerate development through internal growth and acquisitions.


IBA consolidates its strength in irradiation technologies

IBA consolidates its strength in irradiation technologies with the acquisition of Radiation Dynamics, Inc. in February 1999. RDI was well established in the field of high-power low-energy E-beam accelerators used for heat shrinking and polymer modification applications.
This acquisition reinforced IBA’s prominent position in the electron beam field as the RDI product line complements nicely IBA’s high energy, high power Rhodotrons®. Adding a very large installed base (more than 200 units) essentially in the US, RDI has also served as a stronghold for the development of IBA accelerator business in North America.


IBA sells Sterigenics

5 years after the company’s acquisition, IBA having gained a strong experience in building and operating a sterilization center sells Sterigenics and focuses on equipment supply.


Developing presence in Asia

In June 2007, IBA opens a new facility in Beijing, China, giving the company Asian Headquarters to support all its business units in Asia. This move is part of an overall development program to optimize opportunities in one of the world’s fastest growing markets.


Olivier Legrain appointed as Chief Executive Officer of IBA

Olivier Legrain becomes Chief Executive Officer replacing Pierre Mottet. Olivier Legrain joined the company in 1996 as Financial Controller. He further pursued his career in the company as President of the IBA Dosimetry business line from 1999 to 2003. From 2003 till 2010 he became President of the IBA Molecular business line. Thereafter he took over the role of Chief Strategy Officer of the Group.


Yves Jongen nominated for the European Inventor Award

Yves Jongen, Founder and Chief Research Officer of IBA, is nominated for the European Inventor of the Year Award from the European Patent Office for his lifetime contribution to developing new solutions in proton therapy and making this next generation targeted cancer treatment more accessible to cancer patients worldwide.



On September 6th 2016, IBA’s iconic representatives rejoined to celebrate 30 years of successes, dreams and challenges. Yves Jongen, Olivier Legrain and Pierre Mottet marked the occasion for those three decades of passion with more than 600 participants, by pledging to pursue their objective: “to contribute to a better quality of life for patients, for its customers, its employees, its shareholders, the community, and in general for the generations of today and tomorrow everywhere in the world”.



For its 35th anniversary, Yves Jongen, IBA’s founder, announced the launch of its latest cyclotron: the Cyclone® IKON. This new generation high energy cyclotron is more efficient than ever: light yet powerful, compact yet robust, the Cyclone® IKON takes IBA’s technology to the next level, with a 13 to 30 MeV energy range.



After two years of COVID, the sterilization market rebounded and started growing again – fast. To capture it, IBA had to go beyond all expectations; that’s when BEYOND™ was born. Powered by the iconic Rhodotron® technology, the BEYOND™ solutions offer irradiation solutions either by E-beam or X-ray, or both. From then on, IBA Industrial became more than an innovative technology provider to their customers: they became partners. Lifelong partners, engaged for a journey … to infinity, and beyond.


IBA in Key figures

+1500 Employees

In 25 countries

+35 Years

of expertise

+500 Patents

and patents applications

Worldwide references

Today, more than 25 service centers have trusted IBA and equipped their facilities with a Rhodotron®.